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+1 (818) 247-7701

J P. Glendale, CA

Mr.Ara is a true professional. He explained everything in detail all that was done, no hidden agendas . He knows we are newbies and went out his way to teach us the basics of the car and never took advantage of our lack of knowlege with mercedes .Mr Ara also has good sense of humor which is a good thing , made my wife comftable with him. I'm lucky to have found this place, Thank you Ara, and Yelp for the honest reviews .

Victor A. North Hollywood, CA

What can i say. This shop provides top notch service. I have been taking my ml350 to this shop for several years now and always welcomed like a family. Ara who is the owner of the shop is professional and most importantly a very honest individual. He always took care of my needs in a timely manner and always made a follow up call few days later after the service to make sure that everything is running great and there are no problems. Im so glad i found this place. If you need a benz service i think his the best in town. You will not be disappointed.

Sammy M. Scarborough, Canada, CA

I took my Mercedes to MBZ on 2 occasions and they went over an above with the car service and provided excellent customer service. Ara the manager/owner of the MBZ took the time to explain everything and show me the parts of the car. He was friendly, helpful and patient to address all my questions. Being a woman it can be very difficult finding honest and helpful mechanics that won't rip you off but this place is reliable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend taking your Mercedes to MBZ for any service repair.

Christina G. North Hollywood, CA

I drove by this place and decided to call for an estimate on my cracked windshield. Ara was very friendly, told me he would call around and advised me he would call me back in 5 minutes. When he called back I was very pleased with the price and  scheduled an appointment. The evening before my appointment I got a flat tire, so when I dropped off my car, he offered to also call around for a replacement. Lastly, it was very  convenient b/c they even were able to drop me off at work in Burbank

Dick G. Glendale, CA

Certainly, by all accounts, the most user friendly and yet the best mechanic in the area. M\y wife has been an avid supporter of Mercedes auto over the years yet I can attest tshe was about to give up and go to another make until we went to Ara. Prior we got only marginal service from other independents as well as other dealers in the area. . Ara goes the extra mile to explain in detail the problem , the resolution and price. His prices are low yet the result is superior. When we go into his shop to pick up our car after service Ara always shows us the defective parts he had to replace. (Quite unusual in this day and age). His concern for the well being of my wife and her satisfaction with the result of the job speaks so well for him . We cannot imagine ever using any other mechanic than Ara

Eric M. Los Angeles, CA

Ara is hands down the best mechanic i've been to, and driving old diesel mercedes, i've been to quite a few. I just had my car towed from san diego to LA because nobody is as honest or thorough as Ara. The tow driver parked it on the street, but Ara moved it inside because two windows were stuck down. This is kind of niceness we're dealing with. He gets work done (usually sooner than he promised) and will show you whatever parts he replaced...I cant say enough about this shop. I feel good about giving them my money because i know I'm getting more than i paid for. This shop deserves your business!

Oliver F. Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for a mechanic to service my 2007 CLS 550 (EPS warning light, gear issues). Arak, the owner, even pointed me to gas leak under the rear seat which posed a fire hazard. He asked me to call Mercedes to check if this was covered under an extented warranty as this was an issue with 2007 models which I would have never known if he hadn't told me. I could not be happier with their honest and immaculate service, especially as he saved me hundreds of dollars. I highly recommend them to any Mercedes owner, especially as Arak used to work for a Mercedes dealer as a mechanic.

Cary N. Glendale, CA

In a world full of unscrupulous business owners, overzealous mechanics willing to pawn their integrity for the next check, and general unchecked consumerism finding a trustworthy establishment these days, particularly in the automotive repair industry has becoming exceedingly rare.

Such was my dilemma when, thanks to my obsession with Mercedes Benz automobiles!
I found myself suddenly in need for a specialized shop and NOT the Mercedes dealership. After months of going into local dealerships, which there are 4 of in my proximity, and getting aggressive sales pitches and awkward explanations and burning through terabytes of misleading internet ads and emails, I was honestly ready to just give up and sell my Mercedes, buy a bus pass and call it a day.
I found the shop that I was searching for (I have 3 AMG Mercedes and these rare cars to own with low miles in excellent condition).
I always approach these things with a healthy dose of skepticism, the old maxim "if it's too good to be true,it probably isn't" ringing in my ears but from the very start I could tell this man was different.
He responded to every inquiry promptly and honestly, fully disclosing any known potential issues and defects and went way out of his way to make sure I felt comfortable.
From my very first transaction Ara has been nothing short of heroic.
From the inspection, to estimate, to securing a good price on official Mercedes parts, the whole process was smooth as the freshly paved highway I used for my inaugural drive after the repair.
Ara was tremendous in not only facilitating the repair and giving me options and an overall view of the condition of my vehicle, but he also followed up with me in the weeks and months thereafter to simply to ensure my satisfaction.
Who does that nowadays???
There was no ulterior motivation for him to do that; the work had already been completed and I signed off on the invoice, but he did it anyway simply because he is a good person who recognizes the uncertainty and expense of keeping a Mercedes like a new car and wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the work that I required.
With the popularity of internet shopping, there are literally thousands and thousands of places to repair and maintain a vehicle nowadays (and I swear I've dealt with damn near all of them in my latest quest) but I can honestly say I don't think I could have done any better anywhere else.
Ara is that breed of old-school specialist mechanic going slowly becoming extinct.
The rare diamond in a collapsing coal mine that is the current state of corporate business. Take it from me. I'm as critical as they come and, though I've found my dream person to work with and don't intend on keeping all of the Mercedes Benz AMG's for a long time, if ever I find myself in search of another vehicle, this is the first place I'll go to before I purchase another!
MBZ Automotive Service is an immaculate shop, has great communication, does the work only as needed (can you say that about ANY dealer?), listens to what my issues are, kept his commitment for when my automobile repair and service will be completed and stands by his word and his work!!!
Thanks Ara!

H M. Los Angeles, CA

My roommate recommended I go to MBZ to get my BMW serviced with Ara because she loves him and has told me for the past 3 years that he is the BEST! I went and he took such good care of my car. He went above and beyond to make sure that he fixed everything just perfectly and kept me posted on the status of what he was doing all along the way. He also found a few unexpected issues that thankfully hadn't happened yet but could any minute and when i asked for his opinion on what i should do, he told me very honestly. I also asked what he would tell his daughter to do if she were in my shoes and his response was, "that's why i told you what i told you, it's what i would tell my daughter to do too!" So sweet and kind and reliable and i will only go to Ara from here on out!!!

Levon K. Glendale, CA

Quality hones mechanics are extremely rare. This is one of those rare breeds. I was fortunate enough to land in their shop the first time, and i've been back multiple times ever since. I have been exceptionally pleased with their welcoming, honest and reasonably priced service. I don't trust mechanics, have had many bad experiences, i know about cars and am very well versed in the work but i don't have time to work on my own cars.. having done work on few of my cars at this location, and i must say they have earned my 100% trust. That my friends is not an easy thing to earn!

Highly recommended!

Agnes F. San Jose, CA

I have serviced my car with MBZ Auto for many years. They are the only ones I trust with my car and Ara has always been nothing but professional, accommodating and courteous. I've gone to others in the past but have always felt that they take advantage; not in the case with Ara. He tells it like is, takes care of any and all issues, is reasonable and gets you on your way without any hassle. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation and am grateful to have him as a go-to for all my MBZ needs.

Turki A. Coquitlam, Canada

Very kind owner. Honest service and very understanding. They are very considerate and order parts from dealer! That is great when you want the best quality. Highly recommend this place!