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About MBZ Auto Service

MBZ Auto Service has been successfully serving MBZ car drivers for more than 15 years now. The founder and General Manager of the shop, Ara Gukasyan, a Mercedes fan, established the shop to give people what he needed as a Mercedes owner-dealer quality full auto repair service at much more affordable rates. Since 2006, MBZ Auto Service has become the ultimate shop where clients come for affordable, reliable and full auto-repair service. MBZ Auto Service has dozens of positive client reviews for its repairs of engine, transmission, interior repairs and more.

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We Provide Any Mileage Services

Keep in mind that tires can deliver their top fuel efficiency and performance only if you keep them properly inflated. When shopping, you should focus first on tires that have good ratings for braking performance and handling, as well as hydroplaning resistance. Then, once you've settled on a few models that meet those criteria, use rolling resistance as a tie-breaker.

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